Bao dates back over 2,000 years ago, making this delicacy older than the famous terra cotta Warriors and even the first emperor of China himself.

Bao is an Asian steamed bun that means bundle in Mandarin and is also the generic Chinese term for bun. The golf-ball sized yeast dough formations are stuffed with a variety of fillings either savory or sweet and meat or vegetarian. It is the steaming of the dough – as opposed to boiling, frying or baking – that allows Bao its unique texture.

Recognized by a round shape and a flat base, Bao is believed to have been cooked-up as a portable meal for soldiers in third century A.D. and over the years became a delicacy to common people throughout Asia. Today, Bao embodies all culinary ethnicities and nationalities and is a favorite local cuisine to many.

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