What kind of food do you serve? We serve fresh food fast! Our menu is inspired by an ancient Chinese delicacy dating back almost 2,000 years – the Bao – which is a yeast dough bun filled with vegetables or meat or something sweet, and steamed. However, we are more than just Bao as we also serve pot stickers, bowls, wraps, soups & salads. And we are committed to sourcing local and naturally raised products.

Why Bao? Why not? Bao has always been our favorite part of dim sum. We’re giving it a twist by filling it with modern flavor combinations including local produce and naturally raised chicken, beef or pork.

What’s in the Bao? Our bao is made with old-fashioned yeast & white flour. Each bao contains less than 180 calories, has less than 3 grams of fat and is low in sodium.



What’s with all the steam? We cook with the pure, intense heat of steam. Steaming better preserves the flavor and texture of the food without any added fat or calories. Cooking our bunz in Chinese steamers retains valuable nutrients and moisture and results in light and healthy bunz.

Is everything made from scratch? Everything is made from scratch with the help of special equipment in a state of art kitchen that speeds things along. Our flavorful menu has been carefully crafted using only the freshest of ingredients.

Where does your produce and protein come from? We are committed to sourcing quality ingredients from local markets and choose sustainable protein whenever possible.

Do you offer vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free options? Of course! And we identify those items on our menu with distinct icons. There are plenty of options.

Do you use trans fats? Absolutely not. We use only healthy oils – sesame, soybean and canola.

Do you use MSG? Never. And we use only low-sodium sauces in all our cooking.



Do I need a reservation? We do not accept reservations and seat our guests on a first-come, first-served basis. A combination of booths, tables and communal seating provides seating for 100. We also offer take-out service and have plenty of stools for a quick bite.

Do you serve beverages? Yes. Try our Yum Signature Margarita…a frozen blend of mango and kaffir lime. We also serve infused teas, Thai coffee & tea, wine, Asian beer and of course, fountain sodas.

Where do I park? Park in our covered and secure parking deck. 75 dedicated Yum Bunz spaces makes it one of the larges lots in Midtown…and self-parking means no valet and no tipping.

Do you deliver or offer online ordering? Not yet, but we will in the future.

Do you cater? Yes. We cater both large and small events. Please see our catering menu for details.

What forms of payment do you accept? Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and cash, of course.

Do you sell gift cards? Yes. Email us at giftcard@YumBunz.com or call us at 678.399.3992.

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