The Top 3 Smartphones That Have Crossed User Expectations

Latest smartphones tech
The latest smartphones

Buying Smartphones is probably the most confusing shopping experience because nowadays so many Smartphone devices get launched every now and then. The availability of so many choices actually confuses the buyer because it gets difficult to choose between similar looking products from various brands. But in the party season you definitely deserve a brand new Smartphone that is one of the coolest gadgets in the market. Your search for the perfect Smartphone has been simpler because here you can read about the best 3 Smartphones that have stolen the hearts of millions of customers worldwide. These three Smartphones offer optimum performance and their pricing is also fully justified if you consider the features that they offer. You don’t have to think twice before picking any of these Smartphone devices!

Go for the Apple iPhone 5S even in your sleepy mode!

The Apple once again proved its mettle with the launch of the world famous Smartphone gadget Apple iPhone 5S. It could be bought with contract for only $200 which makes it within the reach of the budget buyer or the medium class buyer. The flawless Smartphone laced with Apple A7 microprocessor became an instant hit this year. Advanced camera, vibrant interface and simplified usage makes it the top choice for many buyers. The Siri integration is the biggest plus point. Siri is a wonderful patented app that works like a virtual assistant for the mobile owner. Online purchasing of this Smartphone can help you in getting some discount also.


The Note 3 version of Samsung Galaxy can be vouched for

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5

The consumer market has been enthralled by Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone in 2013. Overwhelming buyer response and satisfactory user reviews make this gadget a top contender for your money that you intend to send on Smartphone. The device looks extremely regal with a 5.7 inch wide display. The screen resolution and the enhanced touch response make this gadget one of the best products from the Samsung Company. The global LTE enabled version costs around $300.

Nokia remains highlighted this year with Nokia Lumia 1020

The Nokia Smartphone
The Nokia Smartphone

There is no double opinion on the fact that Nokia has always remained a tried and trusted gadget manufacturer. It has once again hogged in the limelight this year with the launch of its Nokia Lumia model 1020. The Smartphone model looks very cool, funky and lively. This Windows phone has been able to beat the biggies like Apple etc. A new market trend was noticed with the launch of this product. Even elite buyers who used to stick to Apple iPhones also tried their hands at this Windows phone! The Smartphone offers good connectivity, a wide screen, superb screen resolution and a really good image clicking quality of the camera. It’s definitely a complete package and costs around $200.
You tend to be very careful while buying costly Smartphones because you need to use them for at least 2-3 years. Also, the resale value of the Smartphone would be good only if the device functionality is above average. Customers have given overwhelming response about these three Smartphone devices. Therefore you can be assured that you would get the best value product for your money.

Six Handy Tips To Smoke Out A Partner Who Is An Emotional Blackmailer

Emotional blackmail is serious
Emotional blackmail is serious
Emotional blackmail is a condition where you find yourself giving in to your partner’s demands without questioning their motives. This condition manifests itself in various ways and may catch you unawares. It may start as the normal acquiescence to your partners demand but later turn to something more sinister and wear you out to a point of depression. You will always find your partner in control of everything while you get manipulated like a toy. Here are some of the ways you can detect emotional blackmail even when it us shrouded in heavy innuendo.

1. Your partner intimidates you constantly

If you bend to their will, you only encourage the blackmailer to do it time and again. This inexorably pushes you to a corner where you will always receive instructions from them knowing you have no option but do to their will and demands. Such manipulators are good at creating a natural fear in you which they exploit for their own advantage.

2. They ignore your feelings

Ignoring your feelings
Do they ignore feelings?
Ignorance of your feelings by your partner is also a key indicator that they are turning to emotional blackmail. They will not inquire or care about how you feel about a particular decision or matter. It is all about themselves and not you. This condition is triggered by their fear of losing control and hence they see considering your opinions and feelings about certain matters compromises their control of the issue at hand.

3. The insatiable partner

An emotional blackmailer never gets enough from you. In other words they will always ask for more and never get satisfied, no matter how much you give. If you find yourself in a situation where your partner wears you out by their numerous demands beware they may be turning out to emotional blackmailers.

4. Money and gifts as blackmail

You can also tell if your partner is an emotional blackmailer check if he or she uses money or gifts to get their own way. This form of blackmail from your partner is one of the most subtle symptoms of emotional blackmail.

5. Threats to harm you or themselves

Your partner could also resort to threats of harming either you or themselves if you don’t give in to their demands. If this is a constant feature in your relationship, you could be an unknowing victim of vicious emotional blackmail. In fact, emotional blackmailers are known to be very insecure people who often use guilt as a tool of getting their own way. They will even blame you for something you didn’t do to make you feel indebted to giving in to what they have to say.

6. Acting to the gallery

Makes you feel guilt and use it against you
Do they make you feel guilty & uses it against you?
When he or she suffers dramatically and publicly until you agree to do what they want, this is emotional blackmail at its best. More often than not, this is meant to embarrass you and since you may want to save face; you end up agreeing to their wants. They may even blame you for everything negative coming your way as a couple which in turn could prompt you to do all you can to win back their affection. You may even be forced to go out of your way all in a bid to please them.

Emotional blackmail is very common in relationships but many people go through the motions without realizing that they are being manipulated by the people they cherish the most. If you detect any of the above issues in your relationship, it is advisable to look for help from counselors and relationship experts.

Yummy Snacks For Your Little One’s Tummy

Make healthy snacks look exciting
Make healthy snacks look exciting
Parenting can be challenging at times. Your child may want to satiate his sweet tooth but your concern for your tiny tot’s health may make you look for healthier alternatives. It is a myth that healthy foods are not tasty. Some healthy foods are delicious and are enjoyed by kids as well.

You can be a yummy mummy or a cool dad by packing in some nutritious healthy treats that your child can relish.

Snacking is important for kids as they can only digest a little at a time in their small tummies. But they feel hungry often as they are very active. Here are some examples of healthy snacks that are yummy for your child’s tummy:

Cook up some delicious morning snacks

Morning snacks
Morning snacks
Children need some carbohydrates at the start of the day. It helps them fill their stomach fast and also helps them focus and concentrate in their class.
Let them play with their alphabet cereal with milk that is also fortified with essential nutrients. A good idea is to use different preparations of eggs like sunny side up, poached eggs, spinach and cheese omelette to give them variety.

Pack them some great afternoon snacks

Healthy snacks
Healthy snacks
Crunchy and juicy apples make a great afternoon snack. These are easy to pack and carry for children when they go to school. Nuts and berries also make a great afternoon snack that can be eaten in between classes without creating a mess or grabbing too much attention. Many kids love crunchy and chewy oatmeal cookies as tasty afternoon goodies. A few other great on-the-go meal include breadsticks, fruity muffins, parmesean cheese straws and cheese crackers. If you are looking at building their healthy habits from the start, serve them carrots with peanut sauce as a colourful and crunchy snack.

Hunger games with evening snacks

Milk and cookies may be classic treats but surprise them with a turkey sandwich when they are back home. It also gives them the energy to go out to play in the evening and also finish their homework. Kids love innovation. So serve them food on skewers like kebabs with their favorite peanut sauce. If your kids want to nibble on something while watching television, bake them some sweet potato fries that taste great with ketchup. You can also spoil them with some tacos with cheese or some healthy whoopee pies made with vitamin rich beets! You can give some unique color and shape to these home made goodies and win over their fluttering hearts! You can even use jelo snacks to add color to their plate. Let them choose snacks of their favorite color from the snack plate.

You child may be a picky eater but he or she cannot say no to this colourful variety of healthy snacks.

Fun snacks
Fun snacks
Kids love creativity. So don’t bore them with the same old snacks. Wear your creative hats and cook up some wonderful recipes that a healthy, attractive and fun to eat! With some parental love and goodness, your innovations are likely to tickle their taste buds and make them sink into the delicious goodies.

Find The Right Mix Of Debt And Equity

Balance between debt and equity
Balance between debt and equity
As an investment portfolio manager, you are required to advise your clients to help them design, manage and track their portfolio effective in order to optimize their return and meet their various short term and long term needs. Two major asset classes that a portfolio manager can play with are debt and equity. While managing portfolio for your client you need to understand their return expectations as well as their risk profile. Based on the understanding of their risk appetite, market outlook and return expectation you can categorize into the following categories- Super Aggressive, Aggressive, Balanced and Conservative.

The super aggressive risk category likes to play in the equity markets in the very short term. They may even participate in day trading.

Evaluate the risk
Evaluate the risk
Though it is advised that at least six months living expenses should be invested in a highly liquid instrument like debt or cash, the more aggressive the investor the less of liquidity he or she likes to keep. The conservative investors on the other hand like to maintain liquidity and only invest it when there is a long-term opportunity.

The aggressive investors participate actively in the decision making process and also like to monitor their portfolio more frequently, sometimes even on an hourly basis.

Apart from the risk reward profile of the client, the very short, short term and long term; liquidity needs also determine the asset liability mix while designing and maintaining the portfolio. Here are a few other pointers that can guide you on how to decide between equity and debt in your client’s investment portfolio:

1) The role of equity in your portfolio

Equity as an asset class offers high risk matched with high rewards. These are historically known to give an average of 10-12 percent tax-free return over a period of three to five years. While in the short term it is risky, it usually balances out its risks in the long term by playing out across various business cycles. An aggressive investor generally likes to play with equities in the very short or short term. Conservative investors however like to be passive investors and believe in the philosophy of “Buy and Hold”.

2) The role of debt in your portfolio

Debt as an asset class offers low risks matched with low returns. The returns are taxable in the hands of the investor. Hence, the net returns rarely beat inflation unlike equities. However, investments made here are more liquid than equities and can be deployed effectively when a market opportunity arises.

3) How to carry out effective portfolio rebalancing

Invest wisely
Invest wisely
Generally, an aggressive portfolio composition is pegged at 70- 80 percent equities and 20-30 percent debt and cash. The conservative portfolio is pegged at 20-30 percent equities and 70- 80 percent debt and cash. Portfolio rebalancing an important aspect of portfolio management. It means setting back the equity debt percentage to the pegged range when the market changes disturbs the set balance.

In these portfolios, when the market goes up, the value of equity portfolio increases. However when it increases enough to set off a change in percentages, there might be an alert send to the portfolio manager to carry out portfolio rebalancing.

Hence, both the asset classes have different roles to play in the investment portfolio. They complement each other very well and the various combinations and strategies available allow the portfolio manager to efficiently manage the risk and return of a broad spectrum of clients.

Judge A Business Plan Using Both Logic And Emotions

Create a business plan
Create a solid business plan
If you are an investor or looking out for a new business you might have to go through many business plans in order to get the right business project. Judging a business plan is never easy as there is lot of permutations and combinations that makes a business plan good. Here are few ways to judge a business plan.

What is your reason?

Before you even start looking at the plan, it is very important to first identify your reason for starting a new business. You should be spending some time and write down your financial, health, spiritual and career goals for next one year, two years, five years and ten years. This will give you clarity of thought whether this business plan can take you where you want to go in life.

Risks involved

It is very important to estimate the risks involved in any business plan. Always ask yourself the question, what is at stake? This could be financial, time efforts or even emotions involved. Once you know the risks involved ask yourself if it is worth it given your current circumstances. Only you have the answer to this question so avoid taking advises from anyone else.

Capital investment and operational costs

Capital investment is typically the money involved to start the business. Operational costs are the costs involved in day-to-day running the business every day. Do not forget to calculate your personal expenses in the day as operational costs. Consider yourself as an employee of the company until it makes profit and calculate for your salary and other expenses.

Break even point

Evaluate investments and cost
Evaluate investments and cost
It is very important to estimate the correct break-even point of the business. There are two types of break even namely operational break-even which means that the profit earned it is equal to the operational costs and net break even which means that the profit earned from the business is equal to the capital investment and operational costs both. Once you have assessed the break-even point correctly, ensure that you have the required money to fund the business and run the show until the point is reached and take extra buffer to be on the safe side.

Best case and worst case scenario

You should never judge a business plan only with emotions. Always see the best case and worst case scenario of the business to get the true picture. Factors for the maximum failure rate when assessing the sale to estimate the worst case scenario. If the business can survive in a worst case scenario, it will mostly do very good in a good case scenario.

Products or services involved

Do some research about the market
Do some research about the market
Products or services are the key components of any business. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of them. Secondly, do a survey to find out if the product and services can really sell in the market. If the product or service is not good enough then the best business plans built around them will fail.

Lastly, while facts on paper may only give you one side of the story it is very important that your passion and your heart say yes to the business plan. Most successful entrepreneurs have a knack of listening to their gut feeling before taking an important decision.